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Chic & Stylish Tattoos + Voodoo Tattoo Giveaway

IMG_20150122_045351I know that not everyone can go with the idea of having a tattoo on their body but want to feel as cool as the ones that do have tattoos. I admit, I am a sucker for all that fashion but I would not have the guts to go get myself a real tattoo even when I wanted to. I do, however, from time to time use wonderful temporray tattoos because, knowing myself, i get bored of the same design and I love to try out new things pertaining to fashion and boho styles.

I came across a Really great tattoo store which offers some amazing designs. They are chic and stylish, plus they they have some very Greek and Egyptian inspired tattoos. Voodoo Tattoo offer some great designs, which are perfect for someone like me who love to try Indie everything. I received their tattoo sheet in  ATHENA. The directions of how to apply the tattoo are written clearly on thir very fancy sheet and description. Applying these were a breeze. It took me literally 3 minutes and I was done.

c2834ae4c5c0574522ca03b87e61a145877cf333 You basically just cut out the designs or designs you would like to use and paste it on. Sponge it for a few seconds and they stick on really nicely. What I love about Voodoo Tattoos are that they are super simple to use, you can choose some amazing designs, and you can instantly look FAB! I love these and they look so pretty on me. The have gold and silver prints so they really stand out once you wear them, as you can see in my photos. You can definitely add more glitz and glamour to photo shots or show off at parties with these. I’ve used the Silver feather in the middle and the bracelet type designs. Both of which are very flashy and look absolutely lovely once on.IMG_20150122_045156

I will be giving away some tattoos courtesy of voodoo tattoo for one lucky reader of mine! To enter, simply Follow do the following steps:
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Appropiate, yet Elegant Wedding Dresses

Wedding season is almost back. Especially in my culture. There are a few I have to attend in October. One of my friends cousin is getting married and Im looking forward to going upstate for that event. She’s really rich, so I know it will be spectacular. I had been searching for some nice dresses online. A lot of girls get super confused when it comes to picking a dress.

Yes, I am one of those girls. I never know what to exactly wear or choose. I did happen to come across DressFirst and absolutely loved their selection of wedding gowns, homecoming dresses, and wedding party dresses. I think what I loved the most was the ease of finding everything in one spot so I didn’t have to look, for lets say, shoes elsewhere. They have the shoes also! That made my job of searching a lot easier. The other big big plus is the fact that is super affordable!

I was browsing through may dresses and came down to my top three. Why do I like these wedding dresses in particular? I think I have unique taste, or so I would like to think so. I always try to go for something that’s elegant, unique, and at the same time mature. By mature I mean, I can look older in it. Nothing too teenager-ish or nothing to…very very mature. Something that would look nice on a girl in her late 20s. When it comes to picking dresses, we sometimes forget that. That is why I highly suggest try to go with the longer length dresses, instead of the shorter length dresses (unless you have the perfect legs of course, haha)

Anyway here are some of my favorite dresses from DressFirst.  If you’re looking for dresses, I think they have a awesome line up and for every age group as well!


Most Comfortable Shoes for Women

Ladies, the days of coming home from a night on the town in agonizing pain from wearing your sexiest high heels are long gone. Cute and stylish shoes no longer have to be uncomfortable. Today’s shoes come in a wide variety to fit every fashionista’s style and preference. Shoe designers are listening to women’s pleas for comfort by providing supportive shoes that are both comfortable and trendy. Today’s women don’t want to sacrifice fashion for comfort. Thankfully, you don’t have to.

Mules are a popular choice for everyday and for going out for a casual evening. They slip on and provide cushioning right where you need it. Dansko is a designer that has developed a reputation for providing some of the most comfortable mules around, in a variety of colors and prints. Boots are always a hit with women for their versatility and function. No matter what your fashion personality you’ll find a boot that appeals to you. From tall boots to ankle boots, in every color and kind, boots are a great option for adding a personal touch to your outfit, while making your feet happy. Try Minnetonka for the perfect blend of trendy and comfy. Finally, for those women who simply must have a heel, why not try a kitten heel? These stacked heels provide more stability than a stiletto, while still giving you the look of a longer, sexier leg. Clarks or BeautiFeel are brands that stand out for their mid-height heels. You’ll find many of the most comfortable shoes for women at Schuler’s Shoes.  Make sure you get your hands on most comfortable shoes for women like I have.

My Chi Chi Dress Wishlist

Chi chi Ruth Dress

Chi Chi Ruth Dress

I’ve always wanted to do a wishlist of my favorite fashion/clothing items. I’ve finally gotten a chance to lay out my CHI CHI clothing wishlist which I’m saving up to get for all those special occasions. We’ve all had those exquisite dress desires, and being women we want to have the best looking dress at that party of special event. We are such amazing species lol I, for once, like to feel that I look the best in what I wear. These are just some of my favorite dresses from chi chi london, who specialize in party dresses, evening, and maxi dresses. I honestly adore a lot of them but my absolute favorite are these 5:
1) I absolutely ADORE the CHI CHI RUTH DRESS, not only because its a nice gown style, but also because it has such a elegant feel to it. I can definitely rock this at a COCKTAIL, EVENING, OR BRIDAL EVENT. Its gorgeous blue color detail (also available in pink color for a more pastel feel) looks amazing with the Diamente waistband detail and hidden side zip. This is a perfect dress to show off at a party!



2) The CHI CHI REBEKAH DRESS is another one of my favorites because of its unique lace and mesh detail. I love the combination of the maxi feel with the lace upper body. It looks romantic and exotic at the same time. This one is also perfect for evenings, parties, and bridal occasions.


3) If you want to go for a more sexier evening look, I have the CHI CHI Tulia Dress on my wishlist because of the BLACK color. Black is my absolute favorite because it tends to make you look slimmer (a girls secret haha). I love the floral lace detail with the diamentes across the bust area. It also has a padded bust so it will make you look even more sexier. Oh I’m sorry, it will make me look sexier. I just can’t wait to try these on. The chi chi Tulia is perfect for cocktails, parties, and special occasions. I definitely want to get my hands on this one.

Chi CHI Tulia

Chi CHI Tulia Dress

4) Another one I love because of the color is the CHI CHI YESENIA DRESS. This one is a one shoulder chiffon style maxi dress. It looks chic and elegant. Would be Lovely to wear on big events, bridal events, and even cocktail parties. I would use this for a bridal specifically because it looks that gorgeous. I’ve always adored chiffon material clothing, especially dresses so its nice to see a nice evening dress at chi chi with my favorite fabric.

5) My other absolute favorite favorite is the CHI CHI LARA DRESS, because its a beautiful bodycon. Body con dresses are really nice on curvy girls (like me) and thus is why I wear them a lot! I mean, whenever I get a chance too. This one is perfect for cocktail, evening time, and parties. I honestly would wear this dress in the daytime too. It’s a beautiful, yet simple to the eye.

Simple Suggestions To Help You Care For Your Jewelry

IMG_0737Jewelry is one of the most valued possessions that many people own. Most jewelry items are expensive, and usually have sentimental value. To ensure that your jewelry stays bright for longer follow the following tips from Shaneco.

Proper Care When Worn

In order to properly care for your jewelry, you need to take precautions when you are wearing them. Sometimes our day-to-day activities can take their toll on these valuable items. For example, diamonds can fall out of their ring setting due to abuse from intense activities like sports or home renovation projects. For this reason, it is recommended to remove jewelry during specific tasks, including the following:


  • Manual labor
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Applying makeup
  • Showering
  • Cooking
  • Activities that require contact with chemicals
  • Swimming
  • Sports

When you wear jewelry during these activities, the risk of damage is more likely. It is always better to use caution and remove the items prior to the activity. Just make sure you remember where you placed your valuables.

Regular Cleaning

It is also important to clean your jewelry regularly. There are multiple ways to clean your treasures. You can use a protective cloth to shine and polish the jewels. This cloth can usually be purchased at a local jewelry store. If you cannot find one, a soft towel is recommended. Avoid trying to clean with tissue or paper towels. These materials are more abusive and can create scratches. Another great suggestion for cleaning is warm water. You can soak your valuables in warm water to enhance their shine. Also, in the event your jewelry is damaged, make sure to avoid cleaning. This can further damage the piece. Instead, a jeweler should evaluate it and suggest any possible remedies.


In addition to regular cleanings, it is also recommended to self-inspect the pieces you own. This is the best way to prevent damages from occurring. When you are inspecting, determine if the stones are secured. Also, evaluate the clasps and brackets on your jewelry. If you notice something is wrong, you can have a jeweler fix it. This will prevent you from further damage or loss.


Furthermore, whenever you are not wearing the jewelry you own, it needs to be properly stored. If these items are valuable, they also need to be secure. For this reason, many people invest in locked cases that minimize the chance of theft. When you are storing these items, make sure to use the right container. Fabric lined boxes are ideal because they are gentler on fragile items. Also, compartments are helpful because they allow you to organize the pieces you have and prevent future tarnishing. When you are traveling, these storage precautions are also recommended. They will prevent your jewelry from being damaged or abused due to contact with other items.

Remember that jewelry is an investment, and it usually holds significant sentimental value to the owner. For this reason, proper care is recommended. In doing so, you can increase the lifespan of these small treasures.


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