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Elegant & Sophisticated Diamond Jewelry: Kranichs

As we all know, Diamonds not only represent elegance and beauty, but also shine with sophistication as they are worn. Diamonds are a symbol of high class style & charm, that is why women adore them. They are perfect as engagement and wedding rings and also perfect for gift giving. Myself, for one, adore any type of diamond jewelry and any type of designer wear jewelry. I actually tend to have a long wishlist as well. My favorite site for such beautiful jewelry is Kranichs Jewelers because of their Variety and alluring collection of jewelry that range from diamonds to various designers, which also include Verragio.

Verragio, is most popular for their exquisite Engagement Rings which represent LOVE. They are spectacularly made and really shiny, so you feel like you are in a Fairy Tale on your special occasion. It truly is remarkable. The good news is that The Verragio Section has many other Collections, including their Venetian collection rings and the Couture Collection. So as you can see, Variety is Key and you have a lot of beautiful rings to choose from. My personal Favorite is the Verragio “Love Is” Collection Ring because it’s just so gorgeous & enchanting feel to it is very appealing.

Aside from their wonderful collection of engagement and wedding rings, they have a big collection of diamond bracelets. One of my favorite designs that Kranichs offers is the Simon G. Floral Design Diamond Bangle Bracelet, which has a absolute beautiful floral design that is mounted in 18k white and yellow gold. This is definitely on my wish list, as well, because of it’s superior design and illuminating gold view.

Another wish list item I cannot wait to get my hands on is from their elegant Pearls Collection and this time it is a Pearl Necklace. Pearls have been popular for decades now, and they still are a very popular jewelry item and great addition to any women’s jewelry box. I am sure every women has some sort of pearl jewelry in her collection. I just love to add on to mine. Kranichs Belle Etoile Beauty Bound White Pearl Necklace is a  beautiful addition to my jewelry collection and I am simply in love with the design and simplicity of this particular piece. This would not only make a perfect gift but you will make that special lady very happy.

If you’re looking for that perfect gift or want to treat yourself to a wide variety of exquisite collection of jewelry, please do check out Kranichs and their Designer collection. All the latest trends are available and the newest fashion jewelry as well. They have so much to choose from, so I am sure you will have a big wish list like I do.

Anyone already bought Jewelry from Kranichs?

What type of Jewelry collection is your favorite? Let me know!

Men’s Gifts Ideas

Shereen M / Foter

When it comes to buying gifts for men (My dad, brother, male friends), I am always in the biggest bubble! It’s hard and frustrating and I just get confused of what to get them. It’s always either perfume or clothing I can think of…but no ladies, you can expand your thinking further and actually try something new. I came up with a few new ideas for anyone who might be struggling to buy something for their loved one for an upcoming event or birthday.Here are some pointers:

A) Don’t make it obvious- Get your Male loved one something new or different. Perfume sets, men gift sets are common. Going bolder and trying something sexy or something he doesn’t have might be the key here. For example, your male loved one might like something tech related, so get him a new phone or PSP. If your male friend is from work, a good idea might be checking out stylish men’s shoes here and get him something work appropriate.

B) Dare to be different- If gift getting gets really confusing, why not try for taking him out to dinner or a playful time out (arcade or somewhere else fun, like a comedy show)

C) Observe and See- Try to acknowledge what he might be lacking, ask him what he’s had on his wish list or wanted for a while now. Indirect questions can get you some great gift ideas from his own mouth.

D) Surprise him- Surprises themselves can be a big thing for males. It can really make them happy. If it’s a birthday, get a cake, gather friends and surprise him.

E) Vacation perhaps? How about a nice night out or a 2 day trip somewhere nice. You can even find great deals online.

Designer Gifts

Sometimes is can be hard to decide what to get a friend for her birthday. I have a difficult time deciding because I don’t want to get anything I’ve already gotten my friend in the past. One of my best friend’s birthday was a few days ago, because of the many family events I had to endure this past week, I had no time to think and even forgot her bday! When something big happens, you sometimes forget but thanx to facebook, I realized I should definitely get her a nice gift. It’s really past over due but I think its the thought that counts and even if you are a little late, she can can understand why.

My best friend loves to get manicures and pedicures all the time. That is a good thing to take care of your nails. Sometimes you dont have time (Like I do) to go to the nail salons, wait, and get all that done. It does take over an hour! I don’t have that patience. I thought she would love the nice manicure set for when she doesn’t have time to hit the Nail Salons. Gifts for her at Design Glassware gives you the opportunity to explore the different options of gifts for women.

I love buying from Design glassware because they have such quality gifts that are useful and what girls/women would love. Along with the manicure set, I thought the glass nail file would be a great addition. If you know your loved one, spouse, friend, or family member loves useful items as gifts, then gifts for her at Design Glassware, is an awesome choice.

Some other ideas include Designer Compact Mirrors, Refillable Women lighters, hair brushes, cosmetic brushes, and glass foot files. All these things women love and if anyone is having difficulty deciding, then you dont have to worry anymore because Design Glassware and so many gift ideas to choose from.

Awesome Promotion: Zenni Optical

One of my favorite eye glasses online shops, which I have mentioned and reviewed before is holding a Awesome promotion which none of my readers should miss. Their Promotion is includes Buying 2 pairs of glasses from their website and getting the 3rd one of equal or lesser value free! It’s a great way to stock up on all your favorites or even get them for your loved ones/family!

Zenni Optical

Indie Fashion, Vintage Goods, Giveaways:

If you love indie fashion

If you love indie fashion and retro-ish accessories and goods, then you will fall in love with all the great items you can find at Pixics is an indie and vintage shop, where you can get some awesome quality goods including apparel, jewelry, accessories, figurines, and other high quality gifts. I am glad I came across this site because I am a huge fan of Retro and Vintage collections, and love to add it to my own personal wardrobe and accessories collections at home.

They also have their latest items under New Arrivals. These are some of the many items I adore and have put in my wish list from

1)Antique Rose Bauble Earrings- a very cute pair of earrings to wear on any occasion. I absolutely adore antique looking earrings a lot and love to collect them. See for yourself:

2) Some of the apparel at Pixics, is really wonderful, its very unique and I am a big fan of looking unique and not boring. If you want to spice up your wardrobe or just plain out shop till you drop, I highly recommend some nice clothings for women at their shop. They also carry Men’s tees, Dresses for Women, Bottoms, and Sweaters. Some great fashion picks from their shop:

3) Gift Ideas- Pixics also carry a lot of great gioft ideas including Cute Plush Toys, Figurines, Books, Home and Kitchen Decor. A great way to get someone an unique gift for their special occasion or go ahead, treat yourself as well!

Along with the shopping you do at Pixics, Pixics is having an Awesome Twitter Bird Giveaway! Until the Month of February you can enter their Twitter Bird Giveaway for your chance to win. Like their Facebook page and share the giveaway with a friend to qualify! It’s that simple. Join by entering their form. Giveaway ends on February 29, 2012

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