Concerts and Summer Fun

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So since summer is here, I had a lot of things planned. So far what I got out of the way was doing some partying time with my best friends. I met a lot of new friends through her recently and it’s been going awesome! We have planned to take some trips upstate once we find a suitable time frame that fits all the girls schedules. For now, I was thinking about hitting up some nice arcades in the City and checking out some great Beacon Theatre tickets. I usually tell my best friends to buy tickets for us, from because you can grab yourself a good bargain. There are some awesome concerts that will be coming up this summer and it would be a great opportunity to go check them out.

We are much into heavy metal, rock, and even other genres like pop. I would honestly love to go to any concert that is fun to watch and listen to. I enjoy rock a lot as well so I think that would be a great idea. Old school hits are always great too and seeing someone perform can really be fun. If you guys enjoy going to concerts, get tickets from here and find whichever one floats your boat. They also have Sports events tickets which I will want to go to and Las vegas tickets, which I am planning to go to for my birthday! Should be super fun.

Honestly, its been a while since I went to a concert. I remember going to the U2 concert, which was a amazing display of lights and the stage was just spectacular! I was mind blown by the whole arena and the amount of audience that did show up. I also enjoyed my times at the Opera with a old friend, which was my first Opera event and I absolutely loved it. Everyone was in formal attire and things just looked so professional and elegant. It was nothing like when you go to, lets say, a rock concert. You just see a lot of punkish fun activity going on! There really are so many events and shows you can go to during your break. It’s really the company you go with and what you enjoy watching.

What sort of concerts do you guys like to go to? What’s really happening nowadays?

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