Fitness Plans/Goals

Since summertime is around the corner, I’ve really decided that I really need to tone up and get bathing suit ready this time. I’ve  come up with a new fitness plan because its necessary after I’ve lost so much weight. If you’ve lost a  lot of weight, you need to really work hard to  get into a toned figure. What I decided to do was extreme cycling and running on the treadmill. You really need to watch your heart rate too, to see the progress of your fat burning and cardio abilities. The best is to get a heart rate monitor to calculate, where I find that the  Polar RCX 5 so you can see how well your body is responding to your fitness levels.

I personally find that keeping in touch with your fitness needs by getting the right equipment really helps reach your goals faster. I cycle about 60 minutes with intervals of slow speed and fast speed, in  which my heart rate fluctuates obviously. The more faster you go, the better fat burning you will have. If you really want to get results, you have to go hardcore with exercise. Slow exercise is good for the elderly but for major fat burning and cardio training its best to keep an eye on your heart rate levels to see if your body is in the fat burning zone.

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