Must See Musicals of 2012

Musicals are a wonderful way to escape reality. They can provide an evening full of laughter, heartache and wild imagination. 2012 was a prime year for many new and returning musicals. From New York City to London, musicals have a way of delighting and mesmerizing its audiences all of the world

The Dominion Theatre, located in the West end of London has been the host for many popular musicals in its time. Currently, “We Will Rock You,” a musical based on the jukebox era of the band Queen, is running at The Dominion Theatre. This musical will have you up and dancing in no time with its catchy rhythmic music of that awesome rock and roll era.

Another exciting and famous musical that caught wind in 2012 is “Wicked”. This musical tells the story of what really happened in OZ before infamous Dorothy showed up. It follows the lives of both the wicked witch, Elphaba and Glinda. Wicked is a must see for ages eight and up! It will capture you with its storybook persona and amazing musical numbers. One can find Wicked playing at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London.

Lion King, the beloved Disney movie is also a must see in 2012. The musical is an instant classic that will delight families of all ages. The musical features dancers, singers, and actors who interpret the movie perfectly while touching in with the historical African heritage. It follows the lives of the characters of the movie, bringing out emotions in the audience. You can catch The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in London.

Take a trip back in time to Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds 1953 classic “Singin’ in the Rain.” This musical is a feel good musical that takes its audience back into the transitional period of Hollywood. The catchy tunes and toe-tapping dance steps will have you singing and dancing right along with it. “Singin’ in the Rain” begins its production this November at the historical Palace Theatre in West End London.

Another must see musical of 2012 is the newest running “Matilda the Musical.” Roald Dahl’s “Matilda” tells the story about a young girl who has incredible intellect at such a young age. She finds life in reading stories from her local library and through attending school. While attending school, Matilda finds that she has psychokinetic powers which allows her to trick and punish those who mistreat her. “Matilda the Musical” is a great time for both adults and children and is currently playing at the Cambridge Theatre, London.

Head out to the west end and indulge in some of the best musicals of 2012.


7 Comments on Must See Musicals of 2012

  1. Jea
    December 3, 2012 at 1:10 pm (2 years ago)

    Been a long time since I’ve been here! How are you? :)

    I love musicals. I just don’t know them by heart but I really love them. Not much musicals are shown here in our place. If there is, it’s just going to be about a historical event that once happened in our country. -___-
    Jea recently posted..#PabloPHMy Profile

    • moni
      December 5, 2012 at 2:33 am (2 years ago)

      JEA! So glad you stopped by. Ive been a bad friend and not been able to visit all my lovies lately. I will stop by soon, I had been on vacation and just enjoying myself, mostly lazing around lol

      Which ones have you seen already? I actually do adore events that happen on a international level. Im dying to go to my country and check some events/musicals/shows out!

  2. Cami
    December 4, 2012 at 5:41 am (2 years ago)

    It would be pretty cool to get to see all of those plays. I really enjoy them and I’m so glad that my city puts on free musical production once a year. If I ever get to that point I definitely want to go to at least a few plays a year. It would be a great experience. I particulary want to see Beauty in the Beast. It’s my favorite Disney Classic.
    Cami recently posted..The Lone RangerMy Profile

    • moni
      December 5, 2012 at 2:31 am (2 years ago)

      CAMI!!! I’ve seen beauty and the beast and the lion king. I actually enjoy the disney ones more! HEHEHE. Still have yet to see more of the popular ones. So sorry for being so absent, I have been on vacation and just chilling around =D Do let me know how you are doing!

  3. Jea
    December 5, 2012 at 5:21 am (2 years ago)

    That’s okay, I understand! Enjoy your vacation!

    This is going to be weird but I don’t remember the musicals I visit. I only remember what they were about. I’ve only been to a few (less than 5 actually). Musicals/shows in our country are very rare. -___- Maybe there ARE many shows in our country but it’s just that they aren’t very well-known which is why I don’t know about them. :3
    Jea recently posted..#PabloPHMy Profile

  4. Jea
    December 5, 2012 at 5:21 am (2 years ago)

    OOPS! I meant “musicals I WATCH*” not ‘visit’ X)
    Jea recently posted..#PabloPHMy Profile

  5. Carrie
    December 9, 2012 at 6:55 pm (2 years ago)

    I love your layout, very pretty and eye-catching! :)

    My fiancee is 21 and she’s still in love with Lion King. I will admit that it’s very popular. Especially since Lion King DVD is still on display for like $30.00 when all the other movies are dirt cheap.

    I suck at math! I honestly just counted on my fingers for your security math code, haha!
    Carrie recently posted..Baby Fever!My Profile


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