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Modern Glass for a Modern Home

Mar 26 2012 · Filed under Home Jobs/Work Services · 3 COMMENTS
debtex70 /Stock Photos

I don’t know if anyone has heard about Acid Etched Glass, which is, a top pick among interior designers and architects. It is loved by all home owners who want modernism and style in their home. If your a new home owner or interior designer than this type of interior glass is something to add when modelling or designing. Why is Acid Etched Glass gaining popularity? Because it has the appeal of glass–that light can flow through it freely–with the added benefit of privacy, style and extremely low maintenance. It’s truly a luxurious and beneficial element to any interior design. This glass starts out like any other sheet of glass, which is, entirely transparent. Because the etching process is performed during a second stage of production, many types of glass can be etched using acid. When done correctly, acid etched glass is just as easy to clean and care for as it would have been before the etching process.

The best quality of Acid etched glass is that it has an distinctive look and fingerprints are hardly seen. You will see that acid etched glass is being used like any other scratch resistant glass or  lacquered glass, in many homes, private offices, businesses, and even public spaces. It truly is the futuristic look. Nowadays, In homes, acid etched glass can provide a perfect material for cabinet door or closet door panels, it offers a minimalistic, clean feel while still keeping your storage space hidden. Shower glass can even be acid etched to provide a bathroom-safe, damage resistant surface for shower doors and enclosures. For businesses, Acid Etched Glass can be used almost anywhere among the office spaces. It is very popular when used as the flooring on stairs and landings–it provides a weightless, modern appearance without compromising the safety or concealment offered by other surfaces.


Isi commented on March 26, 2012 at 09:29

Thank you, one thing i hate in people is when they try to control me. That just doesn’t settle right with me.
I think we have that glass in the bathroom downstairs, It’s really nice and easy to clean. I was actually thinking about being an interior designer but i let my parents talk me out of it. :-(
Isi recently posted..Draw me somethingMy Profile

moninu commented on March 26, 2012 at 20:21

I agree Isi. People (including so called friends tend to do that because they think they can) It truly is a sad thing, Ive become rather anti social now but I do still have very few good friends I am glad I still have them =) Your so lucky to have a modernized home…I feel like I live in an 1920s home with everything wood. It sucks, I really need to upgrade and get a new house, built brand new!

Isi commented on March 27, 2012 at 00:22

Sometimes I really hate my house because I go to my friends house and I really love the way it looks and I think mine looks like crap. I cannot wait to build my own home, I want it done from scratch.
Thank you!! I actually did a layout for ivyology.net and I fell in love with the layout and so I came up with my own version. I got the app on my phone, I cannot stand facebook games.

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