Matcha it up!

Matcha tea is getting popular day by day for it’s health optimizing benefits. What is Matcha? Known commonly as Matcha Tea, it is basically powdered green tea. This tea can help you fight cancer, give you some great overall health benefits.

Matcha Tea is basically your BIG one two punch to a weight loss program. It has benefits of all the antioxidants your body needs along with providing you 10x as much as having green tea alone. Expect to lose weight when drinking Matcha tea up to 3 times a day. A great start to a weight loss regime would be to use Matcha tea about 2 or 3 times a day before meals.

Many products are now containing matcha tea as well, because of all the benefits it has. Why are so many other uses being produced because of matcha? Because it gives you that energy and metabolism boost. Everyone wants that plus when you see Cakes, Mousse, and other goodies like ICE CREAM out of matcha being made, you want to have some. The main reason is obviously because its a cancer fighter and fat burner. I think every woman wants that in their daily diet. Something that tastes great and burns fat, while being natural and not about taking pills.

I guess the best thing about Matcha is the fact that many have gotten quite creative of how they want to make their special Matcha food. You can make Matcha cakes, matcha ice cream, cookies, pudding, and even candy! It’s truly amazing all you can do with Matcha. I’ll try to put some neat Matcha recipes up soon!

So if you’re looking for a daily detox as well, definitely give Matcha tea a go. I usually get ceremony grade Matcha from online and scoop one teaspoon into my smoothies at lunch time. Its a great diet! I’ve lost a lot of weight with Matcha and I’m sure anyone who wants to can also.


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