Foxbrim Peptide Complex Serum

2f8fe01d02f53df4fa2d84925c942f8eae259f83My review of Foxbrim’s peptide complex serum is quite simple. IT’S AMAZING! Here are some key pointers on why this serum works for anyone who wants to get rid of crows feet, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, and repair skin.

++ Peptides in this serum help repair and boost the collagen our skin has lost. When you lose collagen, our skin becomes to sag and lose elasticity…meaning we start to look as if we got pulled by the chin and everything just dragged down. Do not let forces of gravity wear you down like this. There are many ways one can improve their skin’s appearance, and using Peptides is just one of them.

++ Jojoba Oil – Foxbrim’s Peptide Complex Serum also contains other great key ingredients that are beneficial for skin, including jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is not only great to use as a skin moisturizer for your face but can be great for use on the body as well. Jojoba oil has properties which help heal chapped or dry skin, along with evening skin tone while giving you that supple feel.

++ Witch Hazel – witch hazel may help clear up your skin. If you suffer from breakouts, witch hazels antibacterial properties can help you get little to no breakouts. Witch hazel can naturally reduce skin inflammation and even help you treat your skin redness or eczema. Witch hazel is known to help heal all types of skin irritations and help reduce wrinkles on top of that.

++ Vitamin E – Super super essential in all your beauty routines! Vitamin E can help prevent premature signs of aging, along with preventing recurring cellular damage of our skin. If you suffer from dry skin like I do, you need to have Vitamin E in your beauty routine. Foxbrim is already loaded with quality ingredients so its really a bargain at getting all that our skin needs with the serums and moisturizers.

A good plan to start your new skincare routine: Prep your skin with toner before you apply serums or moisturizers. Use Peptide Complex Serum before you use a moisturizer.

I highly recommend everyone give Foxbrim Peptide Serum ( You may buy it off of Amazon for only $17.95) a shot because its really not pricey at all and super high quality! I was very satisfied with having receiving it and I have passed on the great result story to my friends.

*disclaimer: All opinions on this review are my own. I receive products to review courtesy of beauty brands and tomoson*

Anyone else try Peptide skincare before? What are key ingredients you guys use for a beauty routine?

Chic & Stylish Tattoos + Voodoo Tattoo Giveaway

IMG_20150122_045351I know that not everyone can go with the idea of having a tattoo on their body but want to feel as cool as the ones that do have tattoos. I admit, I am a sucker for all that fashion but I would not have the guts to go get myself a real tattoo even when I wanted to. I do, however, from time to time use wonderful temporray tattoos because, knowing myself, i get bored of the same design and I love to try out new things pertaining to fashion and boho styles.

I came across a Really great tattoo store which offers some amazing designs. They are chic and stylish, plus they they have some very Greek and Egyptian inspired tattoos. Voodoo Tattoo offer some great designs, which are perfect for someone like me who love to try Indie everything. I received their tattoo sheet in  ATHENA. The directions of how to apply the tattoo are written clearly on thir very fancy sheet and description. Applying these were a breeze. It took me literally 3 minutes and I was done.

c2834ae4c5c0574522ca03b87e61a145877cf333 You basically just cut out the designs or designs you would like to use and paste it on. Sponge it for a few seconds and they stick on really nicely. What I love about Voodoo Tattoos are that they are super simple to use, you can choose some amazing designs, and you can instantly look FAB! I love these and they look so pretty on me. The have gold and silver prints so they really stand out once you wear them, as you can see in my photos. You can definitely add more glitz and glamour to photo shots or show off at parties with these. I’ve used the Silver feather in the middle and the bracelet type designs. Both of which are very flashy and look absolutely lovely once on.IMG_20150122_045156

I will be giving away some tattoos courtesy of voodoo tattoo for one lucky reader of mine! To enter, simply Follow do the following steps:
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– Don’t forget to leave me a comment on what you think.

Lip Lava Gloss

IMG_20150116_050328One of my very good friends had been raving about Covergirl’s LIP LAVA line and that I had to try these glosses out. So, being the makeup nerd I am, I went on over to the nearest drugstore and bought myself ONE Lip Lava color to try and test out. Here is my honest review:

I instantly fell in love with the product when I saw it in the drugstore. It was sitting there, many to choose from, in the NEWLY designed Covergirl ad boxes (or whatever those new product boxes are called lol) and I just had to get my hands on one. I couldn’t really decide between two pinks but the Pink i got had a nice duochrome effect to it, with glitter. Whats funny is…many of these newly launched duochrome or multi-chromatic lip glosses don’t really look duochrome when on your lips. I was hoping this product would be a little different. For $8, it wasn’t too bad to try out. I thought I would eventually grab more colors if I liked this one. The color seriously didn’t have a name on it or I might have missed it when I tore open the wrapper. This is how the color looks in the sunlight and on my lips. It does have a duochrome look to it…looking magenta pink to a light lavender purple…


What I think about the gloss overall? It’s nice. Its a little sheer to wear alone but I think over a pink lipstick or nude lipstick, it would shine more. It has nice glitter sparkles on it too. It does have a slight sticky feel (which I don’t really enjoy that is why I avoid glosses) but its not super annoying. It glides on really nicely and shines on lips. You might need to build it up to see the actual color or the duochrome effect. I highly suggest wearing it over lipstick.

Overall, I rate the LIP LAVA gloss a 7/10.

Insight: Petunia Skincare

There are many new brands in the beauty market. Some are just way better than others because they deliver results quick. My next insight is on Petunia Skincare. I came across this brand because of their high quality ingredients, products and especially the DERMA ROLLER.


I have been using derma rollers on and off and decided to get back on that rolling regime. Derma Rolling is slight needling to the skin to boost collagen production and help get the products you use inside the skin layers quicker than just putting them on your face. With Derma Rolling you can expect to see faster results with the serums or moisturizers you use. I suggest using Petunia Skincare roller system because its guaranteed high quality and work well in conjunction with their other two best selling products including the Petunia Skincare Moisturizing serum and Revitalizing eye serum.

First lets talk about Derma Rolling. Derma Rolling is very beneficial because it can get rid of all of the following IMG_20150116_100221without having to get surgical procedures done: Acne marks and scarring, sagging skim, skin elasticity, dull looking skin, cellulite, stretch marks, and wrinkles!  You can start seeing results in about 1 week or so. It is recommended you start by using the derma roller once a week. Your skin takes time to recover and once you get more used to it you can even start using the roller 1-3 times a week. I use the derma roller about once a week. My skin is sensitive and thats plenty for me. I have noticed lines around my mouth have faded and even my scars. Derma rolling is great if you want to have a more youthful appearance because you are boosting your skins natural ability to produce collagen. You can easily do it in the convenience of your own home which is a SUPER plus for me. After derma rolling its best to use your serum and moisturizer right after so your skin can seep the benefits. The best skincare to use right after would be from Petunia Skincare. There lineup is just amazing! All natural ingredients and safe for even the most sensitive skin. The revitalizing eye serum and the Vitamin C infused moisturizer is a must for a daily routine to glowing skin. Here is a picture of the wonderful packaging they come in.



Overall I rate the Petunia Skincare line a 10/10. I will be switching to their line because not only are they organic, but they don’t irritate sensitive skin. They are definitely worth it and they don’t cost as much as all the high end brands, with the high end ingredients at the fraction of the cost. It’s really recommended. The derma roller is definitely worth it because you will notice results in about a week. The eye serum is beautiful! It leaves a nice cooling sensation and absorbs quickly into the skin around my eyes. I love it!

*This review is based off of my personal opinions regarding Petunia skincare line of products, sponsored by Tomoson*

Anti-Aging Serum 20% Vitamin C w/ 11% HA

6f7f956dd4ae188803090e4774f7581e4ae79584I came across another very wonderful serum when I was researching for more beneficial beauty products. I realized how great you can make your skin with simple yet VERY powerful ingredients such as Vitamin C. Vitamin C alone can make your skin more radiant and brighter. Fade hyperpigmentation and acne marks. Vitamin C with strong ingredients such as FERULIC ACID can make your skin marvelous! What’s Ferulic acid? Ingredient great for dry skin and help in production of collagen. Collagen is very important to make your skin look more plump and younger. This serum is perfect for men, women, and even teenagers. It will help with acne marks and scars as well. Fade your dark spots and overall make your skin more toned. The consistency is sort of like water and the bottle comes with a dropper so you use about 2-3 drops. Its suggested to use all over face and neck area, followed by applying your moisturizer.

Other key benefits:

+ ALOE – helps cool and calm the skin with redness and any irritation.
+ JOJOBA OIL – perfect to moisturize dry skin and for its antibacterial properties to heal skin.
+ VITAMIN C  – helps skin look glowing and healthy
+ STAY C50 – Special patent tackles free radicals that can age skin without causing breakouts or irritations, stimulates collagen production, reverses DNA damage, fights hyperpigmentation.
+ HYALAURONIC ACID  – vegan, moisturizer maverick, plumps up, repairs, regenerate, lifts, firms, to reveal a more youthful glow.
This product is Free of parabens, alcohol, fragrance, dye, GMO’s, sulphates, petrochemicals, phthalates

An Organic product that is actually very good for your skin. Afterall, we all want healthier looking skin for all the right reasons. My rating for this product: 5/5 I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to added to ANY skincare regime as it can make your results show at a quicker pace.

disclosure: This review is based off my personal opinions sponsored by products from Tomoson or other social media promotional entities.

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