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Hi, I'm Moni. I am very passionate about blogging and anything computer related. Art & Web-Design help me correlate with this world. I love talking about beauty, fashion, technology, health, and video games. Fascinated?
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Happy Halloween!

Oct 31 2014 · Filed under Art Beauty Women · 2 COMMENTS

Hello Lovies,

Its been a while since I posted. Good news is that I will be trying my best to blog more often! Happy Halloween btw! I did end up dressing up as a Cat haha. halloweenbg

Also, if any of my readers are interested, my Admin and models from my Cosmetics Store have done some great Halloween looks which you would love. Please follow me at https://www.facebook.com/unotyce

I’m also holding a 15% sale at www.u-notyce.com so make sure to check it out

ScreenHunter_01 Oct. 30 22.05

Spooky Eyes Contacts

Aug 13 2014 · Filed under Beauty · 3 COMMENTS

I had the privilege to review and try out Spooky eye contacts and absolutely love them. They have lots of choices to choose from an I will be wearing their green shade that was absolutely natural and very comortable to wear. Here is a picture of the pack and the lens in their original packaging.

What I adore about the lens are that they are comfy, they don’t hurt my eyes at all. I literally feel I’m not wearing anything. They are great for changing up your look if you’re going out or for that special occasion. I usually try out different lens colors to change my appearance because sometimes you just get bored.

I was able to wear them for a good 8 hours without any discomfort. You can actually go on without any difficulty for a long time and wear them on a long day. I prefer colors like green, brown, and hazel for dark brown eyes like mine. For light colored eyes you can try darker shades.
Spooky eyes offers a range of great contacts for all occasions, so if you are into Cosplay and Halloween dressing up like I am, you should get their cat eye lenses and other colored lenses to give your whole look a stunning outlook.

Almost there!

Apr 12 2014 · Filed under Beauty · 4 COMMENTS

Its been a hectic month with trying to take care of customers and orders for my Etsy store which will be revamped in a few days!

I really really urge my affiliates and besties to add me on Facebook to keep in touch with me and follow me on Instagram(unotycecosmetics)! Its a lot easier for me and that way I know I didbannerbokehglamnot miss saying hello to someone =3 Hope everyone is having a great weekend?

Please let me know how everyone is doing <3

Visit my site: http://www.u-notyce.com

Fun part is I found myself some wonderful eye models and I will be modeling myself as well ;3 If anyone wants to try out my makeup i do ship internationally! I will give discounts to my affiliates!

Extremely Busy

Feb 12 2014 · Filed under Fashion & Trends Hobbies Makeup · 8 COMMENTS

My apologies for not posting in a long time. I have been really caught up with my cosmetic line that I recently got the domain for also! Yay! Ive also been working on the website but for now it redirects to the etsy storefront



I will be working hard on this for a while before I regularly start posting again. I think winter fatigue has got the best of me too…

How’s winter for all my besties?


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Make trips Luxurious

Jan 15 2014 · Filed under Art Beauty Weddings Women · 2 COMMENTS

.26It’s not everyday we get to take vacations. I know, whenever I do, I try to make it as relaxing as possible. I’m not to big on running around seeing sights as much as I am for spa luxury experiences. Even though many of my vacations spots end up being meeting new people and/or relatives, I try to get the luxurious aspect in there and try my best to relax. Because whats a vacation if you can’t really relax.

My next trip will be Niagara Falls, sometime in March I presume. What I love about is, that I can see all the wonderful sights and still manage to have a great spa day out at  the spa niagara falls which offers body treatments, massages, facials, and body glow. Of course they also are mobile for spa parties as well, so if you are out with your girlfriends (like I will be) you would want to contact them and arrange your spa day or night out. I actually was aiming towards princess party ideas niagara falls for a great way to have a blast with your girls. There are obviously other great ways to organize a spa party if there is a wedding or birthday and you plan to be in the Niagara Region. Ah belle Luna has you covered for all those occasions. Along with that, they even do bridal hair and makeup. The best part is, is that they are a mobile spa. I will be booking some nice treatments near my dates, so if you ever are in the region be sure to check them out for your spa needs.

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